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26 Apr
27 Apr
Best Western Oslo Airport Hotell

Cyber Security 2017

Take this opportunity to participate in the most relevant conference on a very hot issue!

With fresh experiences on our norwegian politicians being hacked, the subject of this conference is of great importance and relevance.

Speculations on whether the precidential elections in the US was influenced by foreign forces commiting computational  criminal acts has not yet been concluded, and this illustrates how this subject has to be adressed in a number of ways.  This conference focus on the technical and security challenges connected to the growing cyber activity.

Threat actors are more sophisticated, with more detailed knowledge not only about critical and proprietary control system components, but also about the actual physical process that is being controlled. Some threat actors are also increasingly able to demonstrate that they have access to extensive skills, financial backing and resources.

Norwegian businesses depend on the ability to implement strategies to improve cyber security urgently in an ongoing process. Cyber security attacks on industrial automation and control systems can in the worst case have physical consequences. The industry is meeting the new challenges when critical systems that were isolated before are now connected to networks, possibly also to the Internet.

This NFA conference focuses on cyber security in critical infrastructure internationally as well as the status for cyber security in the oil and gas industry. Leading standards that apply today and are under development will also be presented along with how the standards are being applied within different corporations’ governance frameworks and procedures. Transport and land-based industry, and Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) are also important topics.


Participate in this conference and hear leading international as well as norwegian speakers tell about experiences, challenges and proven solutions to this ever more important discipline.


Dato: 26/04
Kl: 09:00 - 09:30
Kl: 09:30 - 09:45
Karin Sundsvik, NFA
Kl: 09:45 - 10:15
Getting the Message: Are Pagers Transmitting Unencrypted Critical Information to Cybercriminals?
Stephen J. Hilt, Research Team (FTR) Trend Micro
Kl: 10:15 - 10:45
Personal insights and experience in handling the Stuxnet incident
Thomas Brandstetter, Limes Security
Kl: 10:45 - 11:15
Implementing production IT security within Yara International
Stig Myrland, Yara Porsgrunn
Kl: 11:15 - 12:15
Kl: 12:15 - 12:35
New guideline for the IEC62443 standard in the oil and gas industry
Pål Børre Kristoffersen, DNV GL
Kl: 12:35 - 13:05
Application of IEC62443 in the O&G industry
Asgeir Kvam, Honeywell Process Solutions
Kl: 13:05 - 13:35
Update and latest news on the IEC62443 standard
Pierre Kobes, Siemens
Kl: 14:00 - 14:30
Non-intrusive and ICS tailored virus and malware protection
Siv Hilde Houmb, Secure-NOK AS
Kl: 14:30 - 15:00
Patching not allowed!
Thor Myklebust & Marie Moe, SINTEF Digital
Kl: 15:30 - 16:00
Smart Grid and ICT/OT Integration – A Dual-Edged Sword?
Per Erik Nordbø, BKK
Kl: 16:00 - 16:30
Safety First!: Strategic Solutions to Protect the Industrial Internet of Things
Dr. Jesus Molina, Fujitsu
Kl: 16:30 - 17:00
Integration of extended remote maintenance in critical systems Augmented Automation
Ronald Lautenschläger, Essert GmbH
Kl: 19:00
Best Western Oslo Airport Hotel
Dato: 27/04
Kl: 08:30 - 08:50
Ptil reflections on cyber security
Asbjørn Ueland, Petroleum Safety Authority Norway
Kl: 08:50 - 09:20
Threat, risk and humans
Roar Thon, Norwegian National Security Authority
Kl: 09:20 - 09:50
Ecosystem Collaboration
Johan Rambi, Alliander
Kl: 10:10 - 10:40
In a grid operator’s security trenches
Erwin Kooi, Alliander IT Digitale Netten
Kl: 10:40 - 11:10
Cyber security in critical infrastructure
Kjell Olav Nystuen, Norwegian Defence Research Establishment
Kl: 11:10 - 11:40
Ukraine:How to hack a power grid in 6 months
Henrik Persson, ABB Sverige
Kl: 11:40 - 12:40
Kl: 12:40 - 13:10
From Cyber Fiction to Physical Facts
Michael Theuerzeit, Hudson Cybertec
Kl: 13:10 - 13:40
Challenges and proposals for use of IEC 62443 in Oil & Gas projects
Fredrik Gratte, Aker Solutions
Kl: 14:00 - 14:30
Automated production systems, the next major IT security risk - Live demonstration
Nicklas Keijser, Rejlers
Kl: 14:30 - 15:00
OWASP Top 10 in an industrial context. Special focus on the attack surface of automation systems and how the dependencies between subsystems can influence the security.
Gyorgy Tamas Kalman, Mnemonic


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  • Check Point Software Technologies Norway AS


Time and place for the conference:

26. – 27. April 2017, Best Western Oslo Airport Hotell, Museumsvegen 26, 2060 Gardermoen

Registration: Click: “MELD DEG PÅ HER”

Cancellation: Cancellation later than tree weeks before the conference will be charged with a fee of NOK 2.000,-. Cancellation later than one week will be charged with the full fee. Cancellation have to be done written to be valid.

Participant Fee:

  • NFA Company member kr. 7 000,-
  • NFA Personal member kr. 7 000,-
  • NFA Education member kr. 3 500,-
  • NFA Education (not member) kr. 4 500,-
  • Non member kr. 9 000,-

Exhibition (max 3 m. length) – inclusive one participant:

  • NFA members kr. 12 000,-
  • Non members kr. 14 000,-

Exhibition incl. logo &  inclusive one participant:

  • NFA Company member kr. 16 000,-
  • Non member kr. 18 000,-

Logo in the program:

  • NFA members kr. 5000,-
  • Non members kr. 7500,-

Hotel: We have reserved some rooms at Best Western Oslo Airport Hotell. For booking please send mail to with the reference code: NFA 72411.

Dinner at 26th of April: NFA will arrange a dinner at the conference hotel 26th of April. Price: NOK 800,- We hope you will attend this social gathering. Sign up to the dinner when you register for the conference.

Language: If possible prepare the written presentations in English. Each individual speaker decide whether they wish to speak Norwegian or English, however the preferred lauguage is English.

Program Committee:

  • Jan Munkejord – Statoil ASA, Committee Leader
  • Tor Anders Hauge – Glencore Nikkelverk AS
  • Trygve Kristoffersen – Triple-S AS
  • Marie Moe – SINTEF Digital
  • Judith Rossebø – ABB AS
  • Frode Stensletten – Goodtech Projects & Services AS
  • Karin Sundsvik– NFA
  • Tonje Olsen – NFA

Membership in NFA:

  • Company member NOK 4 000,-
  • Personal member NOK 400,-
  • Education/research companies NOK 2 000,-
  • Students are free of charge.

NFA is not responsible for expenses participants may have in connection with the conference due to unforeseen events like flight cancellations etc. The program is subject to change.


Best Western Oslo Airport Hotell, Museumsvegen, Gardermoen, Norge